Advisory Service Established to Help Governments Achieve Sustainable Growth through a Local Software Economy

Governments wanting to boost their economies through the development of a lucrative software-based industry can now benefit from a new advisory service created to provide research and analysis to support policy development.

The Local Software Economy (LSE) Advisory service offered by The Future Cities Innovation Group. (Future Cities) delivers research and development programs to governments and related agencies, and is designed to assist them in developing polices and strategies that drive economic growth through the development of a vibrant local software economy.

Research conducted recently confirmed that a community that has an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) producing sector, with the widespread use of ICT by other industries, leads to an increase in production, export earnings, employment, competitiveness and growth .

As a leading non-profit research organization in the global ICT sector, Future Cities can provide their advisory government clients with a team experienced in collaborating at all levels of governments, multi-national software vendors and industry organizations, enabling them to gain the insights and knowledge required for successful policy development.

“Future Cities experience and collaboration with the global ICT sector allows us to provide our advisory clients with highly relevant information on industry benchmarks, economic development strategies and operational information of successful ICT firms, sectors and markets, ” said Malcolm Fraser, ISSEIE’s Chief Executive Officer.

“This provides governments with the specific knowledge and understanding required for policy development and program implementation that will grow their economies through ICT, and in particular software,” Mr Fraser said.

An overwhelming benefit for Governments utilizing the LSE Advisory service is the ability to harness the expertise of a global team for their policy development. The research team, led by Malcolm Fraser, has over 30 years research and business experience, coupled with an extensive working knowledge of the opportunities, challenges and trends currently facing the global ICT sector.

Formed in 2009,  ISSEIE is a non-partisan, not-for-profit international organization whose members comprise of researchers, software companies, and industry practitioners from the global software sector. The organization is committed to building local software economies through applied research and best practices that both informs and aligns industry based programs.

For more information on the LES Advisory Service or ISSEIE visit www.Future

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