Future Cities Institute to Inspire and Drive Urban Economic Growth

The Future Cities Institute has been established to help city governments and urban development agencies take advantage of the economic and social opportunities the digital age now presents. With a mission to empower local communities in a digital world, the Future Cities Institute has been built on the fundamental belief that to inspire people’s belief in the future you need to expand their freedom of choice and participation, and enable their freedom of action.

As an independent international organisation, the Future Cities Institute works closely with trade associations and city economic development agencies to lead urban development through the creation of new entrepreneurs, companies and high skilled jobs in local economies.

The Future Cities Institute helps facilitate this economic growth within city environments by undertaking collaborative programs with local stakeholders, provide world class ICT innovation centre support, conduct social and economic research projects as well as performing a stakeholder advocacy role.

CEO (Chief Empowering Officer) of The Future Cities Institute, Malcolm Fraser, has had over 30 years experience working with local and global stakeholders in the ICT industry, specialising in the support of start-ups and industry development.  He strongly believes that cities are the powerhouses of 21st century economies, and that these cities thrive when people and urban communities have belief in their future and the means to archive it.

“In particular, research is now showing that the world is making a transition, to where city and urban based innovation development and entrepreneurship will generate national outcomes, and have a significant impact on the global competiveness of countries,” he explains.

The Future Cities Institute is executing via its regional Centre of Excellences (CoEs) in Asia Pacific, Central and East Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, West Europe and North America.  These CoEs focus on regional opportunities, programs and research that inspires, enables and empowers local communities in these regions.

For more information on the Future Cities Institute visit www.futurecitiesinstitue.org

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