International Exhibitors - Rutherford Innovation Showcase

Here is just a sample of some of the amazing exhibitors that will be participating in the Rutherford Innovation Showcase.  i.on my Care

We help equip aged care, community care and acute hospitals with the appropriate tools to help address Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and Accreditation requirements.

Getting critical information to:

who needs to know

what they need to know

when they need to know it

i.on my Care will contribute to good daily practices by continually striving to standardise policies, procedures and practices and streamlining delivery with a focus on continuous improvement.

Greenbiz Check

 GreenBizCheck is a global technology-based environmental certification program for business.

It is a revenue generating environmental sustainability program for businesses of all industries and sizes.

The program offers GreenBizCheck and ISO 14001 tailored certification solutions for: Offices, Food and Beverage, IT, Recruitment, Hotels, Clubs and Retail.

The program helps companies to quickly implement sustainable environmental practices, which save money, conserve energy, water, resources and minimise waste.

Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading certification body, audits all GreenBizCheck online assessments via a fast and efficient desktop program, which provides GreenBizCheck clients additional certification verification.

If improving revenue and profits is at the top of your business priorities, consider greening your business now.


Auditflow SME and Auditiflow SMSF are Cloud based applications that provide a complete compliant tool kit to assist an Auditor do an audit, and manage their audit engagements, in accordance with mandatory auditing and professional standards. Auditors can purchase vouchers (pay-per-use) to access the application assist them in auditing an organisations financial statements in.    Users have unlimited user access unlike traditional software models, and client and firm workflows are managed through the application.

Auditflow is supported by CPA Australia and they are also their launch partner for new products.  Auditflow is about to launch other products in Australia and internationally, including Auditflow HE for Higher Education. Auditflow SME and Auditflow SMSF are distributed inAustralia by Sage Handisoft.



The Competitiveness Institute (TCI) 14th Annual Global Conference in Auckland in November 2011.

Panel Session for Future Cities Forum