Local Software Economy workshop to help developers in Singapore

Start Up software developers attended the newly established Microsoft Innovation Academy Workshop held in Singapore this week. This initiative allowed the developers to gain valuable knowledge and insights on best business practices within the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector, designed to help stimulate the local software industry.

Hosted by The Future Cities Innovation Group. (Future Cities), The Microsoft Innovation Academy Workshop was established to support software startups and entrepreneurs in developing specific skills to assist in growing their business.

Delivered by experts in the global software industry at the Microsoft Innovation Center, the content of the workshop covered a number of areas critical for Singapore software businesses to succeed in the dynamic software market.  Attendees to the workshop were provided with practical advice in key areas such as strategic development, sales and marketing, operational management, capability development, collaboration and channel management.

As well as covering business practices from successful operations within the international ICT sector, the Microsoft Innovation Academy also examined the local software market conditions including opportunities and challenges that would contribute to economic growth within Singapore of this emerging industry.  Attendees gained insights into the structure and market mix of the current software economy, as well as export and local channel opportunities. 

Chris Ismael from Microsoft Singapore was delighted to work with Future Cities to support the global community of software entrepreneurs.

“Ideas that improve the way we live and work often emerge from start-ups, that's why Microsoft introduced the BizSpark™ programme for software start-up companies in 2008. Now we are helping them get the skills they need to succeed through the Innovation Academy programme. It's about giving them access to people who can help to solve problems, and it's about creating networks of innovative businesses. All this helps great people, turn great ideas into reality”.


Future Cities & Microsoft to the help the Czech Republic develop a Local Software Economy

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