World Bank - The Future Cities Institute: Urbanization Knowledge Platform Partnership.

World Bank - The Future Cities Institute: Urbanization Knowledge Platform Partnership.


The Future Cities Institute is pleased to announce its latest partnership with the World Bank to strengthen and expand collaboration in urban and regional development research, planning and policy consultation, covering a range of new activities under a Urbanization Knowledge Platform Partnership.

Together the Bank and Future Cities will undertake joint research, knowledge dissemination and capacity-building initiatives, to play a positive and growing role in helping developing countries to address critical policy challenges as they seek to improve human settlements, achieve sustainable urbanization and improve both economic and social development for cities.

In particular, The Future Cities and the Work Bank will collaborate on initiatives around the topic of ‘Innovation: Creating High-Skilled Jobs, Entrepreneurs and Innovation’ in the Economic Pillar of the Urbanization Knowledge Platform, including joint research and programmes in:

  • Urban based innovation ecosystems
  • Empowerment of local communities in a digital world
  • Businesses sustainability and the impact of technologies on urban and regional economic productivity
  • Technologies role in economic development and national competitiveness
  • Smart city development and global connectedness

The partnership was formally announced at the Future Cities Global Forum, held on the 28th September 2011, as part of the Rutherford Innovation Showcase in Auckland, New Zealand.


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