Why Jump Starts?


Working Alone…Doesn’t Work!

Our world has limited resources - whether natural, human, social or financial/physical - and as a nation we must optimize their use.

Cloud, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are also dramatically altering infrastructures, enhancing engagement with citizens, and transforming industries.

Critical to this transformation is the collaboration between businesses, higher education and government to accelerate the creation and deployment of innovation across all sectors of an economy using a join-up approach.

Jump Starts bring together these diverse stakeholders and resources in ways that can together achieve more: more impact, greater sustainability and increased value to all.

The AgTech Hackathon, created from Jump Start Manawatu. See below.

Jump Start Framework, Workshops and Professionals

Digital Transformation and Technology Adoption


Design Led

With a focus on Local Economies, Jump Start is agile, learn-able, repeatable and flexible framework and workshop execution which every participate can use to get things done collaboratively, while creating unique and qualified value whether it be a commercial enterprise, social enterprise or indigenous entrepreneurship endeavor.

Outcome Focused

Jump Starts comprises three connected sessions that take an iterative and incremental approach to help join-up people and drive tangible outcomes in 90 days.


Art of the Possible:

We look at key opportunities and themes for a region and then cast our eyes globally to see whats happening with these themes in the 4th Industrial Revolution.



The Ideation session generates enterprising ideas to meet specific opportunities and core challenges that are best executed using a join-up approach between local communities, industry, government and higher education.


90 Days:

We then run a process of idea selection and viability testing to select one or two specific collaborative innovation projects that can be executed within a 90-day period to begin the journey.

Case Study


Jump Start Manawatu was a collaboration between the Palmerston North City Council, Massey University, Microsoft, BCC, Nokia, CEDA, Inspire Net, and The Collaborative across 2016 to 2018.

It established an innovation pop-up hub in the heart of Palmerston North over the last 90 days, with a focus on developing regional competitiveness, increasing productivity, driving collaborative innovation for regional economies, and supporting entrepreneurs.

An example outcome from this original Jump Start was the AgTech Hackathon that connected farmers with smart on-farm solutions to enable the farming community to present every day on-farm opportunities and challenges to technology experts, who then creatively solve these problems drawing on their hardware and software programming skills.


Jump Start Professionals


We are creating a community of Jump Start Professionals to collectively enhance and share the fundamental underlying values, principles and practices used in Jump Start, explaining how they work and more importantly…why.