a not-for-profit… for collaborative innovation


We believe in the potential for science and technologies to contribute to the well-being of humanity...

Which is why we collaboratively design and deliver sustainable social and economic development initiatives with local communities…so everyone can access the benefits technologies provide and the opportunities they create.



Applied Research in Collaborative Networks and Innovation Ecosystems.


Collaborative Innovation Design and Implementation, including Data Collaboratives.


Interim Governance, Program Management and Data Stewardship Services.

Our Work


Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative
New Zealand 2019

The Collaborative is a founding member of the Primary Industries and Regional Innovation Collaborative (PIRIC) in New Zealand.


Massey University

New Zealand 2019

Our team is helping Massey University in New Zealand to take a collaborative approach to student enterprise development in partnership with industry, to support cooperative learning and real-world problem solving.


The Rural Innovation Lab
New Zealand 2019

Born out of our Jump Start programme, we designed the collaboration between The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Manawatu Farmers & Growers, Massey University, Microsoft, and The Factory to pilot the Rural Innovation Lab in the Manawatu - Whanganui region of New Zealand


Global 2009 - Present

We have worked with Microsoft and its global network of Innovation Centers since 2009 to support Local Software Economy Development and Digital Transformation.


The Future Cities Institute
Global 2009 - 2018

We provided full operational support and secretariat services to The Future Cities Institute in over 20 countries and helped to refine their strategy, enact action plans and meet their governance obligations.


NZ eScience Infrastructure
New Zealand 2015

Our senior leadership helped re-design New Zealand’s High Performance Computing Infrastructure to better support a collaborative approach to research and innovation for New Zealand.


We align to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and measure our contribution to the realization of these SDGs.

“The UN SDGs are not attainable by any one organization by design. Achieving them will require collaboration across sectors, organizations and individuals dedicated to improving the human experience for all. Social enterprise balances sustainability and impact, paving the way to realize a long-term vision with measurable short-term steps.”

Tori Samples, CEO at Leaf Global Fintech